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Masters Of The Boiler Universe

After working over 10 years as official British Gas Installers, the founders know everything there is to know about installing boilers across the United Kingdom. SOTO was created to revolutionize the boiler installation process with 3 promises :

  1. Create a breathtakingly simple online ordering experience.
  2. Deliver an award winning installation service.
  3. Provide unparalleled after care support.

Quite simply put, SOTO is the Uber of the Boiler Installation world.  We all hate pushy sales people that constantly call or try to trick unsuspecting customers into paying overly inflated prices. At SOTO we do things the right way. We ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire and then lay out all the different boiler choices with fixed price quotes upfront. What we quote is what you pay, no tricks. On the day of your appointed installation, our Gas Safe engineers will show up on time and install your new boiler. Rest assured that all of our Gas Safe engineers have been vigorously vetted to ensure that they will deliver nothing but absolute top notch service.

Although most boiler installation services come standard, we understand that customers may have a variety of different requests such as moving the boiler to another place on the wall, or to an entirely different room. In these special cases it is best to call us directly to discuss and better understand what your boiler needs are.

We are obsessed with providing the best customer experience possible. That is why SOTO gives a Luxury Add On Pack free of charge with all boiler installations. The pack is worth hundreds of pounds and is everything that you will need for a great heating experience. Trust us, you will love your new WIFI enabled smart thermostat. You will be joining one of the many “smart homes” that we have helped improve.

Stress Less, Pay Less, Enjoy More.